Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Howden Headed Back To MJ

Quinton Howden will have one more season in the WHL before moving onto the pros.

The star forward has been sidelined for the last two weeks after suffering a concussion in a Panthers rookie game, and apparently now Florida is sending him back to the Warriors.

"We know that things probably didn't go exactly the Quinton would have hoped at the camp specifically as a result of the injury he got early on," said Warriors Director of Hockey Operations Alan Millar. "We're thrilled to have him back, first and foremost as a leader on our team. Secondly as one of the top players in the league.

Millar says it's unfortunate for Quinton to not be in the NHL, but says another year in junior could be a good thing. "I think in the big picture this will benefit him. It's another year in the league for Quinton to be a top player, probably score 40 to 50+."

"He'll work with Mike Stothers in a new environment and under a new regime, battle for another gold medal here in Canada with the World Junior team. I think Quinton will benefit from being an elite player in the WHL for one more year," added Millar.

Howden suffered his injury back on September 13th in a rookie game between Florida and the Nashville Predators. Millar says upon his arrival back in Moose Jaw, Quinton's status is a question mark.

"Quinton saw the doctor in Florida Tuesday morning before he left Florida, we're getting those updates from Florida as we go here. Curtis Amiot (Warriors Athletic Therapist) and our doctors will do a review in sequence when he get's here. Our understanding is that he's a question mark for this weekend."

Millar added that until they gather all information and evaluate the injury, Howden will be listed as day to day.

As the team goes thru the evaluation process, Millar admits that the Warriors a stronger team with Howden back in the equation. "It puts our team in a position where when you put an elite player in the lineup, you're going to get better. As much as we're disappointed for Quinton in what happened at his NHL camp, we're certainly very pleased to have him back."

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