Tuesday, May 3, 2011

NEW Season Ticket Holder Information 2011/12

The 2011/12 season ticket prices are out!

Tickets in the brand new multiplex will be the following prices for NEW, first time buyers or for additional tickets for current Season Ticket Holders:

Adult Early Bird (purchased before Monday August 29th at 5:00 pm)- $420+ GST & Building Fees

Adult Full Price (After August 29th)- $450+ GST & Building Fees

Student Early Bird (purchased before Monday August 29th at 5:00 pm) - $250.00 + GST and building fees

Student Full Price (After August 29th)- $300.00 + GST and building fees

Child- $175.00 + GST and building fees

** You may have noticed that new season tickets will be subject to a “building fee”.  The fee works out to $0.30 per game and is a common fee in facilities and will fund building improvements.  The total fee for a year is $10.80. 

Choosing Seats in the New Arena
In the coming months, letters will be sent to current season ticket holders as well as new purchasers.  Each season ticket holder will be assigned a priority level based on when they became a season ticket holder.  The current ticket map will be superimposed into the new facility with each ticket holder being assigned a seat that will be similar seating to their previous location in the Civic Center

New season ticket holders that join the tribe for the 2011/12 season will also have a day after the current ticket holders have viewed their seats and made any adjustments to come in and choose seats.  Those who buy or have purchased a ticket for the 2011/12 season will be invited in.  Those wishing to choose seats in the first grouping after current season ticket holders should place a deposit or pay in full to be added to the new 2011/12 priority list. 

Please call the Warriors Office or stop by
422 Main Street to purchase your season tickets for the new season!

Have questions?  Email Tia @ or call 694-5711 ext 24

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