Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Current Season Ticket Holder Information

Current Season Ticket Holders
An exciting new season is upon us!  We look forward to welcoming you into a brand new facility in 2011.  The project is on schedule and progressing well.  The next four months will be a busy and exciting time for the Warriors. 

If you were a Warriors Season Ticket Holder in 2010/11 and “locked in” at the $350.00 price, you were guaranteed the same LOCKED in price for the 2011/12 season. 

Pricing for New or Additional Tickets
Adult Early Bird (purchased before Monday August 29th at 5:00 pm)- $420+ GST & Building Fees
Adult Full Price (After August 29th)- $450+ GST & Building Fees
Student Early Bird (purchased before Monday August 29th at 5:00 pm) - $250.00 + GST and building fees
Student Full Price (After August 29th)- $300.00 +GST and building fees
Child- $175.00 + GST and building fees

Playoff Credits
Season ticket holders who purchased the SIX game playoff package have a credit totalling $55.05 from the three unused playoff tickets.  The $55.05 credit will be applied to the 2011/12 season ticket and will cover the $50.00 required deposit.  If a ticket holder did not purchase their playoff package, a minimum $50.00 deposit will be required by July 15th, 2011 to hold their seat. 

Building Fees
You may have noticed in your letter that new season tickets will be subject to a “building fee”.  The fee works out to $0.30 per game and is a common fee in facilities and will fund building improvements.  This season, those ticket holders who locked in at the $350.00 price will not have to pay the fee.  The total fee for a year is $10.80. 

2011 Lock In Prices
The price for your ticket in 2011/12 will be $367.50 (the lock in price plus taxes) less the playoff credit for a grand total of $312.45.  The full amount is due by August 29th, 2011. 
If you did not lock in before the deadline but did purchase season tickets and purchased your playoff package, the ticket price will be $451.80 (last year’s price plus taxes) less the $55.05 credit for a total of $396.75. 

When entering the Downtown Events Centre, all 2010/11 season ticket holders will be assigned a seat by the Moose Jaw Warriors by superimposing the previous map from the Civic Center into the new arena.  Your new seat will be similar seating to your previous seat. 

In the coming months, a letter will be sent to each ticket holder that will indicate their priority level along with a date and time for them to come view their new seat.  At this time holders can either accept their seat or choose a new available seat.  Once all previous holders have chosen a seat, new holders will be able to select seats.  Details surrounding seat allocation and purchasing additional seats for current holders will be released in the coming days.

Check back for updates throughout the off season.
Have questions?  Call Tia Hutchinson at 694-5711 ext 24 or email

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