Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Morning

Happy Valentine's Day readers!

Quiet day around the rink, the players are taking a much needed rest day away from the ice.

What a weekend of hockey. A thrilling shoot out win Friday night followed by a heated match up with the Saskatoon Blades. It seems these two teams are building quite the rivalry as we head into the play off stretch.

There has been a bit of controversy and upset over some of the referee's calls Saturday night. It would seem it was going to be one tough game for the stripes the minute the puck dropped. In the photo on the left, Brayden Schenn and Kendall McFaull seem to be having a scuffle as fans look on.

The Warriors will host Saskatoon again next Saturday. The tribe will return to Saskatoon the following Saturday.

Busy week ahead for the tribe. Calgary will be in the Jaw Wednesday, in Prince Albert Friday and hosting the Raiders Saturday. Sunday the Warriors will host their first ever Skills Competition.

A few other thoughts...

The Blazers and Giants travelled all the way to the Yukon for Hockey Day in Canada. Very cool idea.

The Pats and Hitmen will take part in the second outdoor WHL game on Monday. Hopefully lots of fan's come out to watch.... could Regina ever host an outdoor game at Mosaic? With Saskatchewan weather... it would be tough... but Sask fans are used to bundling up in November for Rider games.

The playoff race is on and from the looks of things the Warriors are stuck in 5th place for the time being. Medicine Hat fell to the Pat's in a shoot out Saturday night, but still have a game in hand and a 8 point lead. Kootenay has a 9 point lead.

Medicine Hat has 16 games left to go. Kootenay has 15 games to go like Moose Jaw.

Warriors final 15 games look like this:
Prince Albert (2)
Swift Current
Saskatoon (3)
Prince Albert
Regina (3)
Brandon (2)

It is going to be an interesting final 5 weeks! Have a great Monday...

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