Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fight Night in the Jaw

Warriors and Broncos's got a little messy in the last few seconds. For some reason the score sheet on the dub site is not working, but according to the original copy, 6 game misconduct penalties were handed out for the fight that ensued after Thomas Heemskerk was taken out.

Collin Bowman, Dylan McIlrath and Brett Lyon were all involved in the altercations. Jordan Peddle, Trevor Cameron and Graeme Craig were the Broncos that also received matching penatlites.

Here is a look at what happened... be sure to watch until the end as a Bronco player nearly gets into it with the Warriors bench...

Earlier in the night, Brett Lyon took on Josh Derko... listen to James Gallo's call on the fight...

Fans are likely still talking about Sebastian Svendsen's goal last night... it was a beauty. Hopefully we can post it later in the day.

The players are back on the ice at 10 am this morning for a practice as they get ready to host the Blades on Saturday.

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