Thursday, December 9, 2010

Alumni Watch: Deryk Engelland

You may remember Deryk as a Moose Jaw Warrior back in the earlier 2000's. You may recall him for his big time PIM's ....520 to be exact.

In his over age season, Deryk wracked up 199 PIM's in just a single season. He spent his entire WHL career in the Jaw.

Deryk's played 26 games for the Pittsburgh Penguins this season. Originally drafted in th 6th round by New Jersey, Deryk signed with Pittsburgh in 2007 as a free agent. Since then, things have been going well and he has found himself with 5 points for the Pen's this season.

Last night, Deryk dropped the mitts with Toronto Maple Leaf, Colton Orr... and it was not their first battle.

Here's there fight back in October....
.... and here is last night's rematch....

I guess Deryk hasn't lost any of the "warrior" in him.


  1. Those fights were awesome. That first one where Deryk smashes him with a hard right was wicked. Just how I remember him in the Jaw. Great to see him making an impact in the NHL. Well done.

  2. Played with him in Vegas back in 2008 for game against some Russians. He is a good guy to play with. Here is a picture of us in Vegas