Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Captain's Care

For a child spending days in the hospital, it can be scary, not very fun and hard on the parents. The Warriors understand how tough hospital visits can be and want to help brighten a sick kid’s day while spending time in the Moose Jaw Union Hospital.

Thanks to this year’s Captain Spencer Edwards’ passion for kids and a goal to bring the program to the fore front, sick kids in Moose Jaw will be visited by Spencer throughout the 10/11 hockey season.

Spencer wants the “Captain’s Care” program to not only be something he does this season, but a program that will continue on for years to come and be passed on from Captain to Captain.

The Warriors are working in partnership with the Moose Jaw Union Hospital and the Moose Jaw Hospital Foundation to make this program a success.

Last season, the Warriors and McDonald’s restaurant put the finishing touches on the “Warriors/McDonalds” hospital room in the Paediatrics Ward. The Warriors look forward to visiting the kids recovering in the special room as well as all those spending time in a hospital bed.

Spencer will be making a visit this morning at 10:00 am

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