Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A True Warriors Story


Garrett Robinson

 October 22, 2006 is a day in Warriors history that changed one Warriors life forever. October 22nd was the day Warrior Garrett Robinson was in an accident and was seriously injured in a car crash when a drunk driver hit three players only hours after the Warriors returned home from a road trip. All Moose Javians remember the story and many caring Warriors fans ask how Garrett is doing today-- almost five years after the accident. His parent’s were kind enough to give us an update.

Thanks to a very good friend of the Robinson family, Garrett is doing well and currently has a part time job with the City of Vancouver Parks Division. Without the help of the family friend, Garrett wasn't considered a good candidate for employment due to his acquired brain injury.

They love him at the City of Vancouver and after his first two weeks of employment they asked him how he felt about the job. He told them that he has been on a team his whole life until the accident and now he feels like he's on a team again.

His family says Garrett doesn’t let the accident dampen his spirits. “He's such a positive kid and is moving on with his life. He plays non contact hockey in the spring with his brother and some older friends and his skills are improving. He's come a long way since the accident,” stated the Robinson family.

His parents say Garrett’s love and passion for hockey is what drove Garrett to work hard every day with dreams of returning to the Warriors after the accident. “He never lost hope and always thought he would return to Moose Jaw to play,” commented the Robinson family. “Even after he was told he would not be able to play again at that level, he has continued to work-out and play hockey because it makes him feel like he is still part of a team and it is something he loves and enjoys,” they added.

It is commonly said that once a Warrior steps foot in the crushed can, he will always be a warrior in the hearts of the Moose Jaw fans. His parents confirmed that very belief. “Garrett feels he will always be a Warrior at heart and continues to stay in touch with a number of former warriors,” commented the Robinson’s. “He follows the Warriors during the season to see how they are doing. He loved the City of Moose Jaw and the people. He still stays in contact with Shauna Duzan, his billet mom. They became quite close during his time in Moose Jaw,” they commented.

Garrett has touched the lives of many in Moose Jaw and Garrett’s story will always be recalled by the citizen’s of Moose Jaw for years to come. To Warriors fans, Garrett will forever be a true Warrior as he continues to live life with a positive outlook and share his passion for hockey and life with those around him.

By Marnel Rasmussen

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