Friday, September 9, 2011

McFaull Flys To Jets Camp

Moose Jaw Warrior Kendall McFaull is the last of the seven players to leave for NHL Rookie camps.

The 19 year old from Rosetown skated Thursday with the team and leaves today for his first camp with the Winnipeg Jets.

McFaull was orginally drafted by Atlanta, but is now property of the NHL's newest franchise.

Kendall McFaull was a late pick of the Atlanta Thrashers two years ago, and with the team now relocated to Winnipeg, he's Jets property.

"To be apart of the first ever Winnipeg Jets camp is going to be awesome, the fans support is going to be great. Won't be laying by the pool in the summertime in Atlanta anymore, but that's alright.

McFaull says he's hoping to fly up the Jets prospect depth chart. "It's a chance for me to prove myself and show them what I can do. There's no preconceived notions of who I am and how I play. It's a brand new chance to prove myself."

This is the WHL veterans second pro camp and he says he learned a lot from his first one last year. "I just have to be more confident, you have to do everything hard and can't have any lapses because with the talent being so close out there it really shows."

McFaull and the Jets rookies will fly to Penticton, BC this weekend for the Young Stars Tournament which is hosted by the Vancouver Canucks. There first game is Monday night against San Jose.

In total the Warriors have seven players at NHL rookie camps.

Dallas Ehrhardt has a tryout with the Calgary Flames, who are also in Penticton for the Young Stars Tournament. There first game is Sunday against San Jose.

Cody Beach and Joel Edmundson are attending St. Louis Blues camp. Dylan McIlrath and Collin Bowman are at Rangers camp, and Quinton Howden is at Panthers camp.

Beach, Edmundson, McIlrath, and Bowman are all skating at the annual Traverse City Prospects Tournament. The four will battle on the ice Sunday.

Howden and the Panther rookies are taking part in a three team tournament along with Tampa Bay and Nashville. Howden steps onto the ice Sunday against the Lightning.

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