Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bowman Makes AHL Debut

As the Moose Jaw Warriors get ready for a five game home stand that starts later this week, one member of the tribe will get into game action tonight.

Defenceman Collin Bowman attended Rangers rookie and main camp, and was assigned to their American Hockey League affiliate in Connecticut last weekend.

This is his first camp in three years and he says he's been enjoying himself so far. "It feels like I've been gone for quit a while, but the experience is definitely something I've been looking for. It's everything it's hyped up to be here, it's been good competition, a bunch of hard work, I'm just glad to be sticking around as much as I am."

The overeager says he's been gathering valuable experience. "I think for me it's just seeing how they operate here, essentially how quick the game is and how it's played. It's definitely a step up as far as older guys stronger men, and they're definitely moving the puck a lot quicker. It's nice to see how you match up with these guys and adjust to their pace."

Bowman received the free agent tryout with the Rangers, and took part in a number of games at the annual Traverse City Prospects Tournament.

Although he's been enjoying himself, he admits the "wait and see" process on a potential contract has been tough to deal with. "I think you get impatient around here because it's not something you casually talk about. You just go out and play as hard as you can all day. You're working hard and giving it your all, you don't see much result basically until the make a decision on you."

With his fait still up in the air, Bowman says he's in a "win-win" situation where ever he plays. "Whether I reach my goals of signing a pro contract and playing at the AHL level, it's one step further in your career."

"But of course going back to Moose Jaw would definitely be exciting with the new rink and the team we're going to have coming, and playing a lot of minutes and being a leader on that team. Either way I won't be dissatisfied with the way things go."

Bowman is expected to suit up for the Whale in their pre season games this week, which includes tonight's tilt against Albany.

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