Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

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If you tuned in to Country 100 you might have heard me talking about what else, the new building, the big move and the important letters on their way to Season Ticket Holders.  Have you got yours?

Morgan Rielly left for Europe yesterday.  You can follow his adventure at the U-18's by following him on twitter...!/morganrielly4

Quinton Howden is in Edmonton for World Junior Camp.  There is a ton of hype about first overall NHL 2011 pick Ryan Nugent Hopkins or RNH as he has been nicknamed... Check out this article explaining the ability of these young men, gunning for spots on the NHL next season but still hoping to play for their country while the tournament is in Canada.  The article says the Quinton Howden is really pushing for a spot on the Panthers roster...

Hockey Canada is looking for ways to keep players in the game.  Some of the key points include looking ot having "flexible" hockey schedule and non-contact leagues. 

In my opinion, its tough for parents in terms of travel time and expenditures along with the time committment for the player.  Hockey is very expensive and in Saskatchewan travelling is almost always a reality of it. 

Down South, with players few and far between in rural communities young playes are driving hours just for practice and multiple hours every weekend for games and tournaments.  It's tough.

Of course the benefits of playing on a team, maturing mentally and physically and making life long friends are big factors in the cost equation.  Hockey is part of who we are and taking a look into making it cost effective and beneficial is always important. 

What do you think Hockey Canada needs to do to keep players in the sport longer and promote hockey.....?

Here is the full article.....

Shea Weber took the Preds to arbitration, asking for 8.5 million dollars.  After a solid year and good numbers, Weber was only offered 4.75 from Nashville.  An arbitrator awarded him a record 7.5 million.  Here is the full story....

I got to see our new offices yesterday at the Downtown Events Centre.... Corey Nyhagen is over there setting up the space.  The building may be "done" but still a ton of moving and making it home needs to be done.

Compared the the Civic Center, well really there is no comparison.... but what I really notice is the ability for our hockey club to have the best tools to function and work.  The amount of space for both hockey and business is nearly 3 times as much as in the past.  The players space, in terms of a video room, fitness centre, skate sharpening/laundry area and even a space to work on homework makes it a great set up.    

If you ever had the chance to tour the old set up in the Civic Center, it probably would have taken you all of 2 minutes to walk through the tiny gym space, small dressing room attached to a small space for skate sharpening and laundry. 

Warrior Kendall McFaull, who is in town helping out with various hockey camps came for a quick peek.  In his words, "I had very high expectations; and it is still better than anything I thought it would be." 

Having the players come back and see this place is probably going to be one of the best parts; second only to seeing the faces of all our loyal fans who have stuck it out in the CC for over 27 years. 

Our longest standing staff member, Marianne Simon seen the building for the first time since December yesterday.  Her reaction?  Tears of excitement and awe. 

You may have seen the posting about the Warriors hiring Robbie Snooks yesterday.  Robbie is going to make the game night come to life.  His enthusiasm and talent is incredible.  I am so excited to work with him and guarantee the fans are going to love his work.  He is passionate about what he does and is looking forward to making Warrior Games rock every night.

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