Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Booster Cable

Calling all Moose Jaw Warrior Fans, the Warriors Booster Club is presently canvassing and is in need of Booster Club members. 

The Booster Club plays a key role on game days whether it’s selling 50/50 tickets, selling beer, souvenirs, or working at the Booster Club Booth. This fall with the opening of the new Multiplex is not only a fantastic time in the Club’s history but also one that will stretch the Booster Club quite thin when it comes to the additional responsibilities and/or opportunities that will present itself.

 Aside from the game days at the rink, the Booster Club is also involved with many other activities such as Roast Beef nights, bartending at weddings and assisting with many other Warrior hosted events such as Awards Nights and BBQ’s. One of the major fundraising activities that the Booster Club performs over the course of a year is working daytime and evening Bingos. The Booster Club in the past on average works approximately 6 Bingos per month.  At present there has been a decline in local non-profit organizations working the Bingos and so the Booster Club has been trying to assist the Amalgamated Charities Association by picking up extra Bingos. So if you have ever thought of joining the Booster Club in the past but did not know when to start, that time is now! We need your help! So if there are any Booster Club events or duties where you feel you could volunteer your time, we'll put your efforts to good use.

For further information regarding joining the Booster Club, you can contact the Warrior Office at 694-5711 ext. 22 or by sending an email to

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