Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mississauga and Back!

I am back from a whirl wind weekend!  I  couldnt reall say what I was up to on Friday as of course the Award winners must remain top secret until the award ceremony.  Spencer was great enough to invite me to see the award on Saturday afternoon.

The Mem cup host committee were great-- met us at the airport and whisked us all over to the Semi final game at the Hersey Center.  It was all of a 10 minute drive from the host hotel. 

We were kind of pulling for Kootenay to win and have a WHL rep in tonights final.  The game was decent-- thought the crowd would be a bit crazier with the home town team playing.  Hearing a few people talk and reading a few articles, it seems the Majors have a hard time pulling in fans on a nightly basis. 

The Awards ceremony was held at a beautiful theatre style setting.  It was great to see all the very young talented players and their families attend the event.

Spencer had a large cheering crowd, having family from the Kitchener area.  His mother and father both were in attendance to see him take home the CHL Humanitarian of the Year.

After the awards, a great supper was held at West 50.  Many of the CHL's top executives were in attendance.  They shared stories of the first World Junior gold for Canada.  Did you know why they Canadian gold medallist are always singing from the blue line after they take home gold?  It comes from back in 1982 in Minnesota... when Canada won their first gold and it was a big surprise know had expected.  Because of the surprise win, they didnt have the national anthem to play... so the team sang it instead.  Great story.

It was an overall great weekend.  And of course, as always, I am very proud of Spencer.  He had a fantastic speech and what an honor to be the first Warrior to ever win the award and the first WHL playe to win it in a number of years.  This morning as a volunteer drove me to the airport, he asked me where I was from and what I was there for.  I mentioned Spencer and the award he won.  The volunteer said he walked in to see his wife as Spencer was winning his award.  In his words, "I don't know him at all but he was a very well spoken young man-- very deserving of the award."  Through out the weekend, everyone who heard of Spencer's award had the same thought... "What a great young man."

I will post some photos shortly!
Have a great Sunday.

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