Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Moose Jaw, SK. --- The Warriors 2010/11 Captain, Spencer Edwards now has another title to add to his WHL career; the 2011 WHL Humanitarian of the Year. A humanitarian is defined by having concern for or helping to improve the welfare and happiness of people.  The award is a special honor to those who are recognized for using their athletic gift and WHL status to give back to the community and fans of the game.

The Warriors 2010/11 captain and award recipient took a challenging road to Moose Jaw.  Spencer Edwards was drafted by the Red Deer Rebels and was later cut from the team and sent back to the BCHL.  The following season he would be traded to Seattle, and again would not make a WHL team.  After a solid season with the Cowichan Valley Capitals, Spencer got an invite as a free agent to Warriors camp.

From the minute Spencer Edwards stepped on the ice, it seemed his long journey across the WHL had come to an end.  Spencer brought to the ice every characteristic of a Warriors player the coaches were looking for.   The first player to practice each day and a player who could be credited with hardest working accolades nearly every night— seemed to fit right in.   Not only did he excel in his role on the ice, but off the ice it became evident that Spencer Edwards would make in impact and leave his mark in the community.

On top of his 40 hours of volunteer work in the 2010/11 season, Spencer was passionate enough about his role as Captain and the Moose Jaw community to propose his very own community initiative.  Entitled “Captain’s Care” Spencer wanted to create a program that would be passed on from generation to generation of Captain.  Spencer visited sick kids at the Moose Jaw Union Hospital throughout the 10/11 season.  The Edward’s family graciously purchased season tickets for Spencer to give out during his visits. 

During the Warriors “Get Gutsy” campaign for Crohn’s and Colitis, the players were challenged by the fans to perform gutsy challenges.  Spencer committed to trying out speed skating in front of the fans.  Spencer slapped on the speed skates and did his very best while helping raise $1000.00 that night—raising over $3000.00 over the three night fundraiser. 

In 2009, Spencer led the way in shaving his head for cancer and this season was the first player to start sporting his moustache in support of prostate cancer.  Never needing to be asked, Spencer takes it upon himself to find ways, big or small to make a difference. 

Spencer took part in the first ever partnership with John Chisholm School (an alternative school for high school students diligently working to move back into the public school system).  Spencer had monthly discussions with the students focusing on topics such as rules, behavior, goals, overcoming challenges, alcohol and drugs. 

“I can’t put into words how proud I am of Spencer’s work here in Moose Jaw.  He has set the standard of what it means to not only be a captain but a true humanitarian and a good person.  The Moose Jaw Warriors and the entire City know how much he deserves the recognition.  This is an award that means the world to Spencer and exemplifies what the Warriors are all about,” said Director of Community Relations, Marnel Rasmussen. 
There are many ways to give back to a community.  It can be monetarily, but sometimes the best way is by giving your heart.  Spencer has shared his love for hockey and life in every way.  In just two seasons, Spencer has been embraced by the Warriors fans and City.  The “C” on his chest not only stands for Captain but for caring and compassion- words that fittingly describe the WHL Humanitarian of the Year.

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