Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Couple Notes for Friday

First off, come early as Yara Awards night is going down! The presentation will get underway at 6:40. The Warriors will announce the Fan Favorite... MVP.... and many more.

Mark MacKay, the Warriors first Captain will be in attendance to drop the last puck of the regular season. It seems fitting he does so as from what anyone can remember, he scored the first goal for the Warriors back in 1984 of the pre-season after the move from Winnipeg. Mark's son, Matt will be playing for the Wheaties tomorrow night-- should be a fun night for him.

The Warriors air waves will have a vintage feel as the legendary Rob Carnie will be joining James Gallo for some of the broadcast tomorrow night. Ron Robison will also be in attendance.

It's going to be a legendary game topped of by the Salute to the 20's Banquet on Sunday. The three twenties are three great young men.... it will be a fun time celebrating their year and sending the boys into playoffs.

Shaw will be broadcasting live tomorrow night. The Can makes it interesting.... bad views and lights are hard to get around. Cory Flett and the great guys from Shaw did some feature stories on both the multiplex and Crushed Can... be sure to DVR it before you head out to the game.

Had a quick visit to the multiplex today. The bathrooms look great; cool tileing and colors. We all looked great sporting our hard hats and steel toe boots. Footage will be shown in tomorrows broadcast....

Lasty, Happy St. Patricks Day!

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