Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts... tweet tweet

Who is the guy on the left....? Maybe you haven't seen him on the ice for the Coyotes a whole lot... but maybe you have on TWITTER!

Today we are going to talk TWITTER. Are you on twitter? Maybe you are wondering what the heck it is. Twitter is basically updates, short and quick phrases, photos, links and blurbs. It has caught on with celebrities and allows us common folk to see what the stars are up to every minute of every day. Some "twitter's" are great to follow... others don't do enought tweeting to make it worth while following them.

Here are a few interesting people to follow on twitter:

1. First, of course, the Moose Jaw Warriors. We tweet as MJWARRIORS. We tweet what we are up to on a daily basis, game scores, tid bits of information and give away prizes. Check us out...

2. All of the TSN Gentlemen... James Duthie, Darren Dreger, Dan O'Toole and my favorite... Jay Onrait. They always have the latest in sports and hilarious banter.

3. Paul Bissonette. A twitter sensation, and worth the follow! Paul is part of the Phoenix Coyotes and quite frankly is more famous for his tweets then hockey. A little on the edge, but very fun and interesting (reader discretion advised); Paul gives you an inside look at what it is like playing the NHL. He tweets as "BizNasty2point0". Paul even has his own line of clothing based off of his twitter (Sauce Hockey). Paul does do some very good things through twitter, making it his mission to bring attention to the homeless in America. Paul has over 40,000 followers.

4. Corey Nyhagen. He is our Dir. of Business Operations... and as things start to roll with the new multiplex, he will definetly have some interesting tweets for you. Follow him as CoreyNy.

If you dont have a twitter account, sign up for one. You can tweet back to peoples tweets, make your own, follow your favorite people, get the latest information.... tweet tweet!

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