Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Monday

Happy Monday! What a weekend.

Two tough road games, Kinsmen Celebrity Dinner, Super Bowl....

It might not have been the weekend the Warriors had hoped for, but they are back in Moose Jaw and will surely be back on the ice today in preparation for two games vs. Brayden Schenn and the Saskatoon Blades. Can you mention the Blades without saying Brayden Schenn's name? They do have some great talent, Quinton Howden and Brayden Schenn's Team Canada mate, Curtis Hamilton is also someone to watch. The Warrriors will head to S'toon on Wednesday and will host the Blades Saturday.

Friday night the Oil Kings will be in town. Talk about a busy week!

The Kinsmen Sports Celebrity Dinner went Saturday night at the Heritage. NHLer Bryan Trottier did a great job along with Gene Makowsky and World Series Champion Jack Morris. Hats off to the Kinsmen; they put on a fantastic event. The Warriors donated a Quinton Howden team Canada jersey, it went for $2,200.00. A birthday party with Morty went for a stunning $2,800.00.

Can't say I am a huge NFL fan, getting more interested... but I did like a few of the commericals. Crysler had an ad that caught my attention with Eminem. Wasn't a big fan of the BEP's half time show. Bad sound for the first few songs... had a better ending. Just couldn't cheer for the Steelers-- not a Big Ben fan.

The Warriors will be visiting a pre-school this morning for a people of the community visit. The pre-school brings in various people in the community. Today is Warrior day! Should be fun.

Just going through fan mail this morning. You would be surprised how many letters the players receive in a week. They love them; so keep them coming.

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