Thursday, January 27, 2011

John Chisholm School Visit.... Overcoming challenges

Good morning!
Warriors Spencer Edwards, Quinton Howden and Jesse Paradis stopped in at John Chisholm School this morning for a talk on overcoming challenges. Great job by the players, having a real talk on challenges like alcohol and drug abuse and everyday challenges.

The players shared ideas on how to overcome a challenge and challenges they have faced. The Warriors made it to one of the students "last" days at JC, once the students have completed the required work and attendance, they can go back into high school. Congrats to one of our friends who have worked very hard to get where he/she wants to be.

The visits are very eye opening and I truly believe not only benefiting the students but also the players in attendance. We provided a clip of Warrior great, Theo Fleury talking about overcoming challenges and motivation. The team donated a signed Fleury book, "Playing with Fire" to JC.

Hats off to everyone this morning!

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