Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Warriors and Hurricanes.... 7-4 Lethbridge Final

The Warriors four game winning streak came to a halt in the hands of the Hurricane’s last night. Five penalties in the first twenty minutes resulted in three power play goals for the home team. Jacob Berglund scored the first of the night followed by two from Cam Braes. Berglund would add one more before the final buzzer making in 3-0 for Lethbridge.

Another three penalties later, the Warriors would manage a single goal in the second period from rookie Sam Fioretti. Jacob Berglund made it a hat trick for him and a 4-1 score to end the second.

Third period would be a bit better for the tribe, firing a game high 21 shots at Dylan Tait. Another Hurricanes goal would be scored at 4:32 from Cam Braes. Collin Bowman scored on the power play coming out of the gates for the tribe on a power play. Braes would add his fourth of the night for a score of 6-2. Quinton Howden found the back of Taits’s net at 14:10. Collin Bowman notched his second of the night on the power play, bringing the tribe within two. The Warriors were unable to keep possession of the puck in the last few minutes with Heemskerk on the bench, resulting in an empty netter from Max Ross. Final score 7-4.

Power Play
MJ- 2/8
LETH- 3/7

MJ- 42
LETH- 34

Warriors Goalies
Brandon Stone- 20:00 mins 17/20
Thomas Heemskerk- 40:00 mins 10/13

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