Monday, November 29, 2010

Warriors Speak about Fighting and Bullying at John Chisholm School

This morning Spencer Edwards, Dylan McIlrath and Jesse Paradis spoke to the students at John Chisholm School (an alternate school for students to transistion into or back into the school system). This morning's topic covered fighting and bullying.

The players spoke on hockey fights vs real fighting, the consequences and reasons for fighting. The overall message was to show the students that there are other ways of dealing with differences and anger than fighting. Not only are hockey fights in a supervised enviornment, the ultimate outcome differs greatly.

The players gave suggestions to avoid disagreements, discourage bullying and to understand the reality of hockey fights. With the help of Dylan McIlrath, explaining "rules" of fighting or common etiquette which includes "heavy weights" only fighting each other in a willing battle. Although these young men "fight" on the ice, off the ice it is a different story and the "fighters" do have a level of respect for each other.

The players spoke on the idea of fighting to change momentum of the game and of course controlling emotions in situations that would be detrimental to engage in a fight and take a pentalty. The players also spoke on being respectful and safe while on the ice. The main concepts were related to situations the students may face in terms of bullying and dealing with confrontation.

The Warriors visit the students at John Chisholm School each month and touch on different topics like team work, rules and today's topic fighting/bullying.

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