Tuesday, November 2, 2010


MOOSE JAW, SK-- Crohn’s and Colitis are diseases of the intestines. Over 200,000 Canadian men, women and children suffer from this painful disease. Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis are the two most common forms of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). There are many individuals right here in Moose Jaw living with both Crohn’s and Colitis.

November is National Crohn’s and Colitis month in Canada and the Moose Jaw Warriors have partnered with a very special young women who is hoping to make living with Crohn’s and Colitis a little easier for those local individuals who endure the disease. Alison Anderson, an individual living with Colitis in Moose Jaw, has a goal to raise funds to have a tranquil cabin that those affected by the disease can use to escape the tough days they face. Crohn’s disease is a chronic (lifelong) illness. People who have Crohn’s will experience periods of acute flare-ups, when their symptoms are active and other times when their symptoms go into remission.

The cabin will be called “MJ Place”, fondly named after Dr. James McHattie, the Head Gastro for the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region who has been practicing since 1976 and helping people like Alison live with Colitis. Dr. David. Jenkins, of the American Society of Colon Surgeons was a savoir in Alison’s surgery and treatment for Colitis. Former Warrior legend Theoren Fleury lives with Crohn’s disease. With the disease so close to home for the Warriors organization, it is only fitting that the Warriors will be hosting a three day fundraiser to kick off “MJ Place” and bring awareness to a disease not usually talked about.

“I didn’t know anything about the colitis, even though my brother had it until I was diagnosed with it,” said Alison Anderson, a sufferer of Colitis. “Hundreds of people in our area have it, but because of the nature of the disease no one talks about it; It’s not sexy…,” she added. “Once you step forward and talk about it with people; everyone has a relative, neighbor or friend of a friend who suffers from it,” she noted. “I would like to bring awareness to the disease so that people no longer have to suffer in silence. True friends and close family get you through you hardest days, can you imagine the impact if we came together as a community,” said Anderson.
Beginning November 12th until the 15th, the Warriors will be challenging their fans and community to raise funds and in return performing “gutsy” challenges. The Warriors will be “getting gutsy” starting on Friday November 12th. The tribe will be performing the following challenges if a certain level of funds is raised:

Friday November 12th
Challenge: Mortimer J Moose, the Warriors beloved mascot will become Mayor of Moose Jaw for a day. Mayor Glen Hagel will be on hand to kick of the night. Captain Spencer Edwards will perform challenges after the game as suggested by the fans and voted on. Assistant Captain Quinton Howden will be up for a challenge with details released later this week. Amount need to be raised to perform challenge: $1000.00

Saturday November 13th
Challenge: Members of the Warriors staff, to include Head Coach Dave Hunchak, Assistant Coach Trevor Weisgerber, Director of Business Operations Corey Nyhagen and Director of Community Relations Marnel Rasmussen will be pied at center ice post game. Amount needed to be raised to perform challenge: $1000.00 (Grand total of $2000.00)

Monday November 15th
Challenge: Dylan McIlrath with attempt to carry a standard sized door, using his 7’0 wing span end to end after the game for the fans. Dylan Hood and Jesse Paradis will attempt to eat the “hottest” wings Moose Jaw has to offer from Déjà Vu Chicken at center ice. A spectacular Tim Horton’s inspired intermission filled with celebrity guests will raise funds for the cause. Amount needed to be raised to perform challenge: $1000.00 (Grand total of $3000.00)

With a handful of other ways of raising funds, the Warriors are excited to bring awareness to a disease affecting many here in our City. With a bit of fun and daring challenges, the Warriors are hoping to start “MJ Place” growing from the ground up.

Body in Mind Yoga Studio is holding…

Karma classes Tuesday Nov. 2 (7 – 8) and Wednesday Nov. 3 (6 – 7). In short karma means to give back and you may attend the Karma classes by a donation with all funds going to Crohn’s and Colitis.

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