Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Spencer Edwards Makes Stops at the Moose Jaw Union Hospital

This morning Spencer Edwards visited the ped's wing of the Moose Jaw Union Hospital. The patients ranged from as young as three to teenagers. One special little girl was leaving only moments after Spencer's visit to be air lifted to Saskatoon. Others were just in for a few days, but were over joyed to have Spencer Edwards stop to chat and sign autographs.

Spencer played a couple games of go-fish with one lucky gal, who is recovering from surgery. She was quite excited to beat Spencer in both rounds of the card game. Guests in the paed's room are often given Warriors tickets to use once they are feeling all better.

The Warriors/McDonalds room in the the paed's ward is always in use and by the sounds of things is the most popular room to be in. At the end of the hall in the wing, a very special Warriors Christmas tree sits. YARA Belle Plaine were kind enough to donate it to the hospital after bidding on it at Festival of Trees.

A big thank you to Heather Seagall, Head Nurse at the MJUH for helping organize the visits and to allow us to bring "Captains Care" to Moose Jaw.

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