Saturday, November 6, 2010

Quinton Howden's Key's to Winning Tonight

1.  Special teams are key. Power play is at just 15%...  Last night 0/2.  Penalty kill was 2/2; and the team was able to kill off a 3/5 PK in the last half of the third with just one goal seperating the teams. 

2. Finishing.  The Warriors took 46 shots on Ketlo last night... with only two finding the back of the Pat's net.  With many missed opportunities to put the puck in the net,  the tribe will look to burry some of last night's missed shots.

3. Hard work and playing our own game. At times the Warriors seemed to be playing to the level of their opponent.  The Warriors will need to come in and play gritty, tough Warriors hockey.  Hard hits, team work and a relentless attack will give the Warriors another "W"

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