Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Catching Up with Former Warrior Travis Hamonic

He may have finished his career with the Brandon Wheat Kings, but Travis Hamonic will always be a Warriors in the hearts of the Moose Jaw fans.  Travis is currently playing for the Bridgeport Sound Tigers of the AHL (New York Islanders affiliate team).  Here's a little Q & A with Travis:

Marnel: What city are you playing in right now... What's it like?
Travis Hamonic: Well I play in Bridgeport,  but we live in a city called Milford. I live with 3 other players in a huge 5 bedroom house. It's different here then where I'm used to! Our place is right on the water... our back yard is the ocean.

Marnel: Warm weather then?  
Travis Hamonic: Still t-shirt weather right now, but honetly I heard it snowed in Moose Jaw yesterday and I'd love to have snow right now. I'm already missing Canada and especially the Moose Jaw winters.

Marnel: So what's the travel like in the AHL... Plane? Bus? Far as WHL rides?
Travis Hamonic: It's definitely a lot better then the WHL.  Everything is within 3-4 hours for the most part. We bus most places, it's a lot like Junior in a way.

Marnel: Lots of fans in Bridegeport?
Travis Hamonic: Yes... We got a real good fan base. Great fans who enjoy cheering us on.

Marnel: Hockey wise... Feel like you've grown over the summer? Skill wise...
Travis Hamonic: I've been playing a lot which is good, I'm trying to earn my way through the line up, being a younger guy.  I'm playing big minutes which is very rewarding. I'm happy my coaches trust me in those situations and have given me the oppertunity to take and run with it. I worked a lot of strength this summer and I feel like its helped me transition to the pro game very well considering I'm playing against men everynight and guys are stronger.

Marnel: Any words for the Moose Jaw fans?
Travis Hamonic: I just wanted to say hi to everyone and I hope your all doing well, I miss everyone and definitely miss stepping onto the crushed can ice and for those 3 and half years I spent with mj, I learned a lot to get me where I am right now which is a lot to be thankful for!

Marnel: Have you been following your old team mates?
Travis Hamonic: I've tuned into a few games to see and I'm always watching scores etc.

To keep up with Travis, visit the Sound Tiger's Website, here's the link:

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