Thursday, November 10, 2011

Warriors Pay Tribute To Remembrance Day

The Moose Jaw Warriors have something special planned in honour of Remembrance Day tomorrow.

"We are going to be wearing a special edition jersey for that jersey for that game," said Warriors Director of Business Operations Corey Nyhagen. "We've basically taken a blend of all three of our jersey's and put in a Remembrance Day flavour."

"What we'll be doing is auctioning off those jersey's thru a silent auction and online, with all the funds raised going to the "Soldier On" program thru the military," added Nyhagen.

Nyhagen says this special tribute has been in the works for quit some time. "There's teams that have been doing it with games leading up to and around Remembrance Day. The very fact that our's lands on Remembrance Day makes it that more special. We've always been apart of it, and want to be apart of it on going, and we want to bring it as much as we can into the forefront all those who have served."

Along with the jersey's, Nyhagen says they have other plans for the night. "We can't forget what that day is all about, so that's something we want to make sure that we're apart of."

"The flag party will be there, we have the "Salute to Youth" program going on that evening with William Grayson singing the national anthem. We're going to have the base colonel out doing the ceremonial puck drop, and there will be members of the military in full dress throughout the crowd."

The mission for the "Soldier On" program is to provide resources and opportunities for serving and retired Canadian Forces personnel with a permanent or chronic illness or injury to actively participate in physical, recreational or sporting activities.

Click the link for more details on the "Soldier On" program

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