Thursday, October 13, 2011

Beach Ready To Return

Opening night the Moose Jaw Warriors lost one of their key players. Cody Beach was issued a seven game suspension for a check to the head and has been forced to watch from the sidelines that last two weeks.

He says it's been frustrating watching from the stands. "Tight games you want to be out there to be that difference maker. Sitting with (Quinton) Howden the last few games, we're both nervous when it comes down to that. We want to be that guy needing to score the goal or stopping the team. Once we get back we got to be that guy that takes advantage of the opportunity."

Beach says that he's learned his lesson, and has been working hard on adjusting his game. "I play a certain way and I don't think that will ever change. I just need to be a little cautious going into certain areas and double thinking in your brain before doing it."

"Basically just relax. I don't have to always be that guy looking for the big hit. I just need to play my game, look to score goals and not have to be the attention grabber all the time," said Beach.

Beach's seven game suspension is done, and he's anxious to get back on the ice. "The only word that comes to mind is 'Finally'. Sitting out seven games you really get to watch from a bird's eye view, and see a different perspective of the game. It slows down for you, you can see where things need to be improved and where things are good."

Beach says watching from the stands has allowed him to make notes on how he can tweak his game. "Really just using all the ice, especially in the new rink where we have a lot of open ice. You can work pucks from one side to the other and go east to west, you can use the back of the net, and our boards are real lively and can work to our advantage."

The gritty forward says that he's ready to showcase his skills. "I want to hear my name every time we score a goal, either putting the puck in the net or setting up a goal. We need to count on me for more than just fighting and being somewhat of a bully out there if you want to say."

"It's kind of my year to put the puck in the net, and I'm going to be relied on to do that from the coaching staff."

Beach is eligible to return to the Warriors lineup tomorrow night when the tribe takes on Swift Current at Mosaic Place.

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