Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Edmundson Remains Positive Despite Injury

This wasn't the way Moose Jaw Warrior Joel Edmundson wanted to remember his first pro camp.

The St. Louis Blues draft pick explains how he sprained his ankle on the weekend at the Traverse City Prospects camp. "Pre-game skate, we were just doing our drill that we skate around the circle, and I guess I just lost an edge. When I fell I tried to avoid the coach and just went into the boards really weird. I couldn't stand up after that, my ankle got really swollen, and had to leave the ice right away."

Edmundson says it was a heartbreaking turn of events. "I couldn't even show the coaches and the staff what I had in a game. I basically just came down here, got a practice and a half and had to call it quits."

Edmundson was drafted in the second round by the Blues in the summer, and says he's not sure what his immediate future holds. "They haven't really told me anything. I'm pretty sure I'm going to stay here over main camp and they're going to do treatments to me and hopefully get on the ice. If not, I'll just stay down, watch the practices and games and stay better."

Edmundson says that he's on crutches and is hoping to be off of them by today. He's been watching from the stands and trying to stay positive.

"Just cause I'm injured doesn't mean that I can't learn from watching. I'm up in the stands watching and basically taking notes in my head, and watching the pros and see how they do it. I'm learning every day and it's really good for me, it's helping me out for sure."

St. Louis' next game at the Traverse City Prospects tournament is today. Warrior Cody Beach will be on the ice when they play Dallas.

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