Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts

Conexus made a $100,000.00 committment to the Moose Jaw Downtown Events Centre today.  Hats off to them.

The Pats will name their head coach today, all fingers point at Pat Conacher.  He used to be the Assistant Coach in Chilliwack last year.  All the Head Coach jobs are filled in the WHL now... the Pats still need an Assistant....

Listen to Country 100 Thursday morning to hear from Director of Business Operations, Corey Nyhagen. He will be on talking about seat selection and the process behind it. You can catch him again on the Heartland at Noon with Craig Hemingway Thurday around 12:30 pm.

Have you seen all the Warriors joining twitter lately?

Here is who you need to be following:

@Redgoat_United- Assistant Coach Mike Vandenberghe
@clbowman10- Collin Bowman
@17silks -Andrew Johnson
@jamesgallo2- James Gallo
@TravisBrown4 - Prospect Travis Brown
@morganrielly4- Morgan Rielly

And of course, the man who started it all.... @JEdmundson3-- Joel Edmundson.

Don't forget to follow the Warriors.... @MJWARRIORS.

Get on twitter, you won't regret it....

Have  a great day!

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