Monday, July 25, 2011

Seat & Season Ticket Holder News

 Season Ticket Holders:

Please be on the look out for an important letter coming your way in the next few weeks from the Moose Jaw Warriors Hockey Club. The letter will outline a date for you to come in and view your new seats in the Downtown Events Centre. 

Seats were placed into the new Downtown Events Centre by super imposing the previous map of season ticket holders into the new map. 

Letters do take several days to reach each and every one of our season ticket holders and we encourage you to patiently await its arrival. 

Your new seat in the Downtown Events Centre will have similar viewing point as your seat in the Civic Center.  Should you choose to move your seat or purchase additional seats, you may do so when you come in to view your seat(s) on your outlined date.

Instructions and procedure for moving or purchasing open seats will be released at a later date and will be made clear prior to entering the new facility.

Please note, a map of the facility will only be released to the public after the seat viewing dates.  Seat location and numbering will not be given until day of seat viewing. 

Only season ticket holders who currently have tickets will be permitted into the facility to view seats.  Guests are not permitted. 

Please be advised, if you are unable to come in during the time of your seat viewing date, your seat will not be moved or changed without your permission.  You may send someone in your place to move or view your seats.  They will need a signed letter from the current season ticket holder along with ID to do so.   

Please remember, the Warriors downtown office will be moving to the Downtown Events Center location in August.  We will do our very best to accommodate all questions and concerns during the transition period.   Please watch our website, for up to date notifications on the move.

The Warriors are as excited as our season ticket holders to be in the Downtown Events Centre and are looking forward to a thrilling 2011-12 hockey season.  Should you have any questions, please call Corey Nyhagen 694-5711 ext. 26 or email

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