Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Q& A on Mike Stothers

Q and A with Don Nachbaur
Head Coach in Spokane;2011 WHL Coach of the Year; played and worked with Mike Stuthers in Philadelphia

Marnel: How long have you know Mike?

Don: “A long time—since the early 80’s.  We played together in Hersey and Philly.”

Marnel: What can the Moose Jaw fans and players expect from Mike?

Don: “Moose Jaw is very fortunate to get a quality person.  Mike is an excellent coach.  He is caring and passionate.”

Marnel: What is his coaching style?

Don: “No question, his teams are very prepared and organized--- very tough to play against.”

Marnel: What would Mike’s coaching philosophy be?

Don: “I believe that a good coach instills his own philosophies on rubs off on their players.  He is prepared, works hard and is very passionate.  He leads by example you can expect the same from his players.”

Marnel: Come January, you will get to coach against each other, how will that be?

Don:  “This will be the first time we have ever coached against each other.  It is going to be fun--- and maybe a side bet involved.”

Marnel: What type of a family man is Mike?

Don:  “He is the type of person that cares very deeply about his family and those around him--- he is going to fit in real well in the community.”

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