Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Fun

It's Friday and it's sunny--- and its Draft Day!

Here is a look at Sam Cosentino's picks for top centers, wingers, defencemen, goalies, sleeper picks and wild cards.  So many mock drafts out--- and yet it always seems there is a few surprises and each one is a little different.  I like how this is seperated out.

Joel Edmundson tweeted this morning that he met with the Leafs last night and had a great supper while being escorted there in an H2 Limo.  Sounds like he is enjoying himself.  Director of Hockey Operations, Alan Millar and Assistant Dir. of Hockey Operations/Scouting Rob MacLachlan are both in the Twin City for the event. 

I retract yesterday's posting about no reveal of a Winnipeg team tonight--!

A ton of interest and questions about Philadelphia's block buster trading yesterday.  What do you think?

The Hockey News is reporting Ryan Smyth might me coming back to Canada sooner than you think and perhaps not back to Edmonton....

MINNEAPOLIS – Ryan Smyth will almost certainly get his wish to move north of the 49th parallel before the draft weekend concludes, but the Calgary Flames have entered the fray and could end up getting ‘Captain Canada’ instead of his former team in Edmonton.

Kings GM Dean Lombardi said in a conference call Thursday afternoon that he has been speaking to three teams about Smyth. Sources have confirmed those three teams are the Edmonton Oilers, which is Smyth’s preferred destination, the Flames and Winnipeg.

Smyth has no interest in going to Winnipeg, so now it is down to the Flames and Oilers and the fact Calgary has asked defenseman Robyn Regehr to waive his no-trade clause to go to the Buffalo Sabres indicates they might be clearing cap space to make room for Smyth.

In Moose Jaw news, thw river is on the rise AGAIN.  Be careful and stay away from the water.

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