Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Is Here

It's finally Friday and a busy weekend of hockey ahead!

The Warriors are in Cranbrook for game 5 tonight. It would seem the general feeling of fans and those picking up tickets is-- "Wow, each game has been very lop sided," or "I wonder what will happen if both teams bring their 'A' game?"

I guess we will see who brings their game for the 5th and pivotal game of the series.

Listen live with James Gallo on Country 100 tonight at 7 pm; 6:45 for the pre-game show.

How bout the Prince Albert Raiders? They upset Saskatoon for another win; tieing the series at two a piece. Med Hat and Brandon are battling away and sit tied at 2-2.The Eastern Conference seems to be much closer than the West. Only Red Deer has clinched their series. In the West, Portland, Kelowna and Tri City all swept in four games.

Tickets for Sunday are going steady. The Warriors downtown office will be open today until 5, Saturday 9-4 pm and Sunday up at the Civic Center at 9:00 am

The Telus Cup Western Finals got under way in the Jaw last night. The Generals tied with Thunder Bay 3-3. Winnipeg won over Prince Albert 3-1.

Tonights Schedule:
4:00- Thunder Bay vs Winnipeg
7:30- MJ vs PA

12:00- Thunder Bay vs Prince Albert
3:30- MJ vs Winnipeg
2:00- FINAL

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