Sunday, April 3, 2011

The End

The Warriors season came to an end tonight; falling to the Kootenay Ice 5-4.  Not only does the game mean the end of the season but it also is the very last Warriors game to ever be played in the Crushed Can.

A heart felt good bye goes out to the arena.  The loss was a dispointment for all, but even more so to Dylan Hood, Spencer Edwards and Thomas Heemskerk who ended their WHL careers tonight.  The three gave it their all tonight and all season long.  They are the definition of Warriors and will go on to great success in hockey and life. 

A big thank you to the fans-- their support is second to none.  Hats off to you all. 
Good bye Crushed Can-- Good bye to the memories and the moments-- It's true, history really goes live within these walls.

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