Monday, September 20, 2010

Edwards Shark Experience

Caught up with Spencer Edwards after his return to the Jaw from San Jose.  Spencer had a great time at Shark's Rookie Camp and talks about it below....

Q: Was this your first time to San Jose? How would you describe it?
A: "Yes, it was my first time there... it was much nicer than it is here right now! It was my first time to California... so it was cool to experience palm trees and the warm weather."

Q: Tell us about your experience in San Jose?
A: "It was pretty amazing.  I was treated great by the entire organization and fans.  It was great experience to see how hard the guys there work to get to that level."

Q: What was the highlight of your time there?
A: "Getting to be on the starting line up against the Canucks and seeing the team jet-- they travel like kings!"

Q: So a little different then our bus?
A: Emphatic nod and laugh

Q: Is there anything particular you learned there that you hope to bring back to the ice and locker room here in Moose Jaw?
A: "Overall, just how hard they work there.... and how independant you have to be.  Some of the guys have been battling for a spot for years now.. I want to bring that same work ethic back here and let my team mates know that it takes alot to get to the NHL."

Q: So, you would have been playing with now teammate Thomas Heemskerk.... did you get to know him before you both came back here?
A: "Yes we got to know each other at camp.  It's funny because we were jokingly talking about how great it would  be if he was traded to Moose Jaw.  When it did happen, he came and told me-- I thought he was joking around.  We were both exicited to get to continue playing together."

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